Tuxedo Rental Info

Measurements & WEight Fluctuation

Here at CCF, we think it is necessary to measure and lock in your order 3-4 months before your wedding. Ordering this early will ensure that everything you choose is available for your special day. We also understand that weight loss or gain is possible in the months prior to your wedding. Customers in the wedding party, who are on a weight-loss plan or who happen to gain weight, are fully responsible for booking an appointment to get re-measured before the wedding (at least 40 days in advance). Inches lost or gained around the mid-section, waist, and hip areas greatly affect how your outfit will fit. Those who do not schedule to get re-measured will pay the cost of the replacement fee. We keep careful records of all measurements.

What to expect when your rental arrives

Your rentals will arrive THE WEEK OF your event date. For example, if your wedding is on a Friday or Saturday, the rentals will not arrive at CCF until the previous Tuesday or Wednesday. When the rental arrives, it is strongly suggested that you try it on before exiting the shop. Once you leave the shop with the rental, any changes or replacements will be at the customer’s expense. All balances owed are due before you exit the shop with your items. You do not need to schedule an appointment to pick up your order, just stop in during our normal business hours.


For your first Hair Cuts

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